Sunday, 7 April 2013

TeddyBear Pancakes



Teddy Bear Pancakes are fun to make! The kids love the cuddly little bears there are so many ideas on how to make cute food that kids would be amused to eat. Have you been to Disneyland and try out the Mickey Mouse shaped food? See this website for an example.

Aren't we all so excited to see this pretty and interesting food? I have tried to make a Mickey Mouse pancake without any special tools, just by creating 3 circles of pancake joined together. Now that's really difficult to achieve and repeat.

Here's the fun and yet easy stuff that my six year old love to make!

I love using the premixes as the children get to read the instructions, measure out what they need and it comes out just right. Also this is easily available in Cold Storage. Kids get to follow instructions and understand words written in the instructions. The kids learn to judge when the pancakes are done and OK to flip to the other side to brown it. Also it gives them some sense of independence that they can judge how thick they want the batter to be.



Here's the secret to make the teddy bears. Very good silicon Teddy Bear shaped outlines. The creativity of the designers of the kitchen tools really makes the this an easy task that a 6 year old can manage.

Some fun memories for kids to think of fondly when they grow up, of the happy days they bonded as a family. I remember how patient my mother was and how fun it was to make Tang Yuen when we were kids. Another idea for the next post!


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