Monday, 29 April 2013

Princess Cake

Ying Yue loves to be on the YouTube searching for baking videos. In school we just learn about filling up worksheets, which is just training us for exam smartness.

Learning to cook and bake is like learning to read. Start with the letters first, string them together to form words.

We learn to measure, read recipes, smell taste and learn lot about using the oven, egg beater. Ideas work best if it comes from kids. There is a grain of truth about intrinsic motivation. Ying Yue is always excited by her own ideas.

I brought her to Tangs to get some quality bakeware. There were lots of interesting new things there, but she set her heart on this pretty doll from Wilton.

That's what you get from the box and the picture shows the cake mould. We were so excited about it.

Since Yin Yue wanted a strawberry cake, we found this mix at NTUC finest.


We need more work on the icing, or fondant will try this again! She learnt a lot about beating the eggs, sifting flour, adding water. Concept about how long it would take for this cake to be made, 1 hour. Then she worked on inverting the mould, lifting the cake out of the mould.

So excited about her progress. There was plenty of interaction and she learn best with hands on activity. This is an important life skill I am imparting to her. I also learnt so much from this little cook school for kids. When I think of interesting recipe to try, I'm also learning with her.

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