Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy Face Food

Children love expressions on their food. I try to create something novel to attract their attention. This is what I came up with to complement what she learnt in school about quails' eggs.

To make these you need really good Japanese tools. Here is my tool collection for this creation.

I love all things Japanese. I most admire their way of food presentation. One has to go to Japan to experience their thougthfulness and little touches to show that they aim to please their customers.

All the punching of the Nori is very detailed work. The nori has to be freshly opened so that the edges are crisp when they are cut. Nori absorbs moisture really fast and once its damp, it does not really cut well.

My daughter was really amused with my handiwork. My enthusiasm in cute food making really inspires her to create some of her own cute food. I'm really proud of her achievements. Every step of her growth makes me very happy and gives me purpose of my existence. Am I now experiencing the joy of motherhood?

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