Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Fruit Tartlets

This is what I came up with for my little girl. Its full of healthy ingredients, something for growing children and appeal to her sweet tooth and love affair with fruits. It can be made and assembled within an hour. Would you believe its my first attempt! I wished I was as good as creating experiments and debugging the programs and coming up with papers as I am at this new creation. I thought of making it yesterday, found the right tart moulds to go with the pastry. I'm using ready made short crust pastry as I have limited time for experimentation today and I wanted to make these as fast as possible. Of course traditionally tartlets are made with custard but I thought of a faster way of making these. I used to make these long ago while I was alone studying and these was for a house party to amuse the housemates. At that time I used to make the pastry from scratch, but that was a very long time ago.

Ready to roll short crust pastry
Dark Chocolate courverture
Cream Cheese

1. Press and cut the pastry and mould it gently over the mould. Prick it and bake it for 15 to 30 mins.
2. Melt the chocolate courverture over the a warm water bath. Spoon the chocolate into the pastry shells. Refrigerate.
3. Pipe the cream cheese into pastry shells.
4. Arrange the fruits on the pastry shells.

Its looks very attractive and yet its really fast and easy to make! Not bad for a first attempt!

Some pointers, not to worry too much about pastry shrinkage and remember to prick the tart shells before they are baked. I used to be good with baking beads to weigh the tart shells down while they are being baked. But not to worry too much, after all there are so many things to pile on top of the pastry shells. See the bigger picture and complete the job rather worry about the minor details. 

A final dusting of icing sugar.

Voila!!! This didn't take me long to make. And very satisfying to construct it after thinking about over the weekend!

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